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Known Foundry Bugs

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"We're looking at some of the most frustrating foundry bugs (creators can't test their content because of a bug with portals [#62 12-28-2015]), but we don't currently have plans to add anything new to the foundry this year." -- Scott Shicoff, Lead Designer, February 3rd, 2016.

Known Foundry Bugs[edit | edit source]

  1. 05-08-2013 [Foundry] Respec is impossible - Stuck with a character without powers
  2. 05-26-2013 (duplicate) Foundry Respec dont work.
  3. 07-01-2013 (duplicate) Foundry Bug: Cannot Properly respec Author character
  4. 01-02-2014 (duplicate) Cannot respec character in foundry - cannot allocate power/feat points
  5. 06-20-2013 [new] Dead Body - placed in random direction ignoring rotation property
  6. 08-16-2013 No alarms/timers and no OR logic
  7. 08-16-2013 Assigning a NPC to a Contact Story Objective loses existing Dialog Elements
  8. 08-22-2013 Foundry top-down 2-D view does not show rotated assets properly
  9. 09-02-2013 Interactive doors/gates/portcullis no longer open/close if component complete ref'd
  10. 09-04-2013 Multi-shot/single-shot arrow traps firing 5' above target markers
  11. 09-04-2013 Collision disabled if Visibility If Has Item or Has Skill is set
  12. 09-07-2013 Audio: Every audio effect on map plays upon entering 3D previewer
  13. 09-07-2013 FX fade to any-color effects have collision (except depthfade black 05)
  14. 09-07-2013 FX Depthfade Any-Color 02 And 04 Have No Icon Or Overlay In 2D Editor
  15. 09-09-2013 ***** Teleporter offsets still broken *****
  16. 09-11-2013 Dialogs: Required Has Item if failed states "You do not have this skill"
  17. 09-11-2013 Volume Gate Iron 01 - Opens opposite direction shown in 2D and 3D editor
  18. 09-11-2013 Confusing: "Fx - Falling Sparkles 01" and "FX - Falling Sparkles 01" (Fx vs FX)
  19. 09-11-2013 [intermittent] "FX - Falling Sparkles 02" displays both sparkles and a web projector
  20. 09-11-2013 Buffs/animations remains active during Free Camera mode
  21. 09-11-2013 Smoke added to respawn - prevents use in things like large fountains, crystals, etc.
  22. 09-22-2013 [partial] Fomorian "Solos" description encounter type shows (null) [Warrior only, not Totemist/Witch]
  23. 10-09-2013 Foundry Bugs search dialog NEVER returns any results no matter what is entered
  24. 10-20-2013 Old foundry quests being returned by search after new version is published
  25. 10-21-2013 Unique Item drop can prevent quest completion if item exists in players bank
  26. 11-03-2013 [intermittent] Patrol points/markers/trap emitters set to 0,0,0 when 3D edit enabled
  27. 11-12-2013 Foundry instability/data-corruption
  28. 11-12-2013 Foundry Properties UI unstable
  29. 11-12-2013 Foundry UI Properties fully selected field can crash program
  30. 11-13-2013 Foundry Quest Items are BOP - deters Group Friendly play
  31. 11-19-2013 Projectors by default project into sky
  32. 11-29-2013 Disappear When on multiple components fails when one is also in Appear When
  33. 12-12-2013 Select Component Dialog Sorted By ???
  34. 12-26-2013 ALL Bat Effects (burst, ring, arch, straight) are broken
  35. 12-29-2013 Animation Musician, Lute is playing Fife/Flute audio instead of LUTE
  36. 01-14-2014 Invisible walls left in map Sword Coast Farm Country
  37. 01-21-2014 Cannot place NPC in Elven Square Shaped Large Size Room
  38. 02-16-2014 Damage effects ignore Invisibility If property
  39. 03-26-2014 Friendly Encounters Become Hostile with Fight to Submission Behavior
  40. 04-26-2014 Module 3 added Foundry Music assets play in selector but not in 3D preview
  41. 05-02-2014 2-D maps not showing in foundry until after entering 3-D previewer
  42. 05-19-2014 Hundreds of weird, irrelevant icons added to Foundry Quest Item icon selection
  43. 05-20-2014 UNUSABLE Map - Terraced Detailed Snowy Extra Large - Floating Details
  44. 05-20-2014 Pre-Existing Foundry Costume Pieces missing, or changed radically
  45. 07-18-2014 Sparkly path passes/leads through collision mesh only on live server
  46. 07-18-2014 Setting "Y Relative To" in Layout for Encounter does not set in individual properties
  47. 07-23-2014 Behaviour: Fight to Submission encounter cannot Drop Item
  48. 07-24-2014 Loot window is empty when picking up Foundry Quest items
  49. 07-26-2014 Projectors project onto collision mesh not object
  50. 08-04-2014 Deleting Dialog does not show error tasks for missing Dialog Prompt Reached
  51. 08-04-2014 Encounter Spawn Set At -150' Y Relative to Zero spawns on Terrain at Y=0'
  52. 08-04-2014 3-D thumbnail preview does not render physics enabled objects or FX effects
  53. 08-14-2014 Foundry: Missing CotD ver 2 Encounter: Green Iron Golem
  54. 08-14-2014 Foundry: Missing Individual Beast Encounters: Dire Polar Bear; Polar Bear
  55. 08-17-2014 Has Skill not working in foundry quests for any class
  56. 10-27-2014 2d-editor placement of assets incorrect
  57. 12-22-2014 Dead Body - random face up placement has breathing animation and open eyes
  58. 01-19-2015 Dwarven Valley Part 1 - 2D Map Editor Unusable/Ghost Fire Effects
  59. 02-16-2015 Encounters revert to preset costumes (Foulspawn Berserker, Black Dragonwing)
  60. 04-09-2015 Spike Traps Cause Injury To Incorrect Body Location
  61. 04-20-2015 [MAJOR] Teleporters Corrupt 3D Preview Mode Instance
  62. 12-28-2015 Teleporters lose track of current objective in story playtests
  63. 12-28-2015 Respawn points not used when death occurs at cave floors after falls and even god mode/untargetable with free camera movement can't prevent need to leave and restart playtest in this scenario.

Detail Asset Issues[edit | edit source]

  • 09-22-2013 Mp Pouch anchor is .5 feet above bottom plane
  • 09-02-2013 Blacklake tar details no longer black - have become an ugly rusty brownish color
  • 10-08-2013 Picnic Table Arrangement 01 & 02 have changed (previous) (new) (Asset Detail window shows tables without large "stew" bowl- actual assets have stew bowl added)
  • 10-16-2013 Crypt Room - Huge Two Tier Chamber - Hanging Brazier bugs
  • 10-18-2013 Human interior: Small peasant house; Room Large L01
  • 10-20-2013 Fifteen errors in ONE room: Human Interior - Medium Peasant House
  • 10-20-2013 Bottle 05 is really a Silver Bowl
  • 10-25-2013 "Crystals" have no transparency and look like rocks
  • 10-31-2013 Hh Knight Suit of Armor 01 Black - anchor is about a foot above base of feet
  • 10-31-2013 Royal Crypts tagged "Crypt" are somehow different than normal "Crypt" tag rooms
  • 10-31-2013 Generic Box 01 - anchor at centerpoint instead of bottom plane
  • 10-31-2013 Cypress Tree 03 - anchor 10 feet offset from trunk
  • 10-31-2013 All "Ground Grass" details - anchor at centerpoint instead of bottom (or near) plane
  • 10-31-2013 Mp Bottle Round 01, Mp Bottle Skinny 01, Mp Bottle Tall 01 - all anchors are at centerpoint instead of base plane, and all seem to have invisible glass above liquid inside, Mp Bottle Skinny 01 liquid is hollow tube not filled cylinder.
  • 10-31-2013 RedCap Cage Closed Large, Small - anchor is midpoint - placing buries half in terrain
  • 10-31-2013 Mm Bandstage 01 description is "A pile of black sludge"
  • 12-21-2013 FX - Small Lightning Strikes anchor is 9' below effect
  • 12-28-2013 Dynamic Light - Mage Sun effect offset (x-28, y+45, z-100) from selector
  • 12-29-2013 Asset Misspellings which make finding/filtering difficult
  • 01-29-2014 Asset: FX - Water Fall 01 flow is -90 degrees off facing and mislabeled
  • 01-30-2014 [partial] Thin Arrow Details have collision - Thick Redcap spikes have no collision (Arrow 01 and Arrow Cluster 02 no longer have collision)
  • 02-12-2014 Room Builder has invisible wall @ 0y separating space -500y to 500y
  • 02-27-2014 ALL Blood Decals are grey and missing any red component
  • 04-21-2014 Floor Tiles Platform 01 overrides all Blood, Ground Debris, and Rope Decal assets
  • 05-10-2014 Audio Effects not removed when Details were to create IWD foundry maps
  • 05-10-2014 IWD module snowy maps practically unusable without winterized buildings
  • 12-09-2014 Foundry - EXISTING ASSET CHANGED - Torch - Tabletop 01
  • 01-02-2015 Human Interior - Hallway Straight Nook (floating candle flames and purple glow)
  • 04-09-2015 Asset: Hourglass Is Now Opaque Black
  • 04-22-2015 Blackdagger Floortiles collision mesh is now 6" above texture - looks like garbage
  • 12-28-2015 Human Unique Room - Orc Room (not Populated) requires a geometry patch for a door