Josef Linkletter

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Josef Linkletter
Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Human
Occupation: Soldier
Lt. Linkletter 2.png
The Linkletters
Josef Linkletter and Dorothea Nacht met in Neverwinter six years ago in 1473 DY. A journeyman stone mason and architect, Dorothea came to the city at Lord Neverember's behest to help the rebuilding. She was one of the main designers of Seven Suns marketplace and the Manycoins bank.

Josef was a native of Neverwinter who had been born in the grim years after the cataclysm. Recruited into the guard by Sergeant Knox after a brush with the law, Josef soon made a name for himself as a principled and fair man who could talk sense to even the most desperate outlaw, and fought with distinction against the Many-Arrows orcs and the Blackdagger Bandits.

Recently, illness has clouded the Linkletters' happiness. Dorothea's malady has kept the formerly outgoing woman in her home for months, and Josef's increasing desperation is plain to all who know him.

Lt. Josef Linkletter is a member of the Neverwinter Guard. He is married to Dorothea Linkletter. He is voiced by voice actor Eddie Eagle.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Battlefield Triage[edit | edit source]

Linkletter is first encountered at a camp above the beach in Neverwinter Fields where the player character is washed ashore at the beginning of the game. He defends Acolyte Neyman as she performs a ritual of Kelemvor against the newly undead. He asks you to help treat Wounded Soldiers on your way to Dell McCourt's camp.

Troubled Times[edit | edit source]

Linkletter is next encountered at his home in Protector's Enclave, near the Driftwood Tavern. His Spellscarred wife, Dorothea, is worsening, and must be subdued by the player. The wizard Rhazzad then requests that the player guide Dorothea through the sewers to the Tower of Solace, where Rhazzad can aid her. Upon emerging from the sewers, the player sees Linkletter under attack by bandits, but is able to defeat them with Dorothea's aid. Linkletter and the player then fight through the remaining bandits to reach the Tower of Solace and Rhazzad, who takes Dorothea into his care.

Spellburst[edit | edit source]

Upon delivering Dorothea into Rhazzad's care, Linkletter resumes his duties and is tasked with rooting out the Dead Rats gang in The Beggar's Nest. When the player brings him word of Rhazzad's deception, he goes with the player to confront Rhazzad, who then disappears, summoning many aberrations. Linkletter and the player fight through the city before witnessing the spellburst atop the Tower of Solace. In order to escape the spellplague, the two head into the sewers, where they destroy the last of the Dead Rats. Convinced that his wife Dorothea must have been killed in the spellburst, Linkletter vows revenge on Rhazzad.

The Plague Tower[edit | edit source]

Linkletter is part of the task force assembled by Sgt. Knox in order to storm the Tower of Solace. However, while Knox instructs the team to secure the area before entering the Tower, Linkletter is overcome by thoughts of vengeance, and charges ahead alone. After reaching the tower, Knox instructs the player to search inside for Linkletter while the rest of the team secures the area. The player speaks through a locked gate to Linkletter, who tells them that Dorothea is alive and Rhazzad is coming. After fighting through the Tower and reaching the Linkletters, Rhazzad turns Linkletter against the player, who must defeat him to proceed. Upon chasing Linkletter through the tunnels and defeating him, Linkletter reveals that Rhazzad can be found at the top of the tower, before warning the player to hurry. Neither Josef nor Dorothea are encountered again in the area, and upon defeating Rhazzad and completing the quest, Sgt. Knox reveals that neither of them were found.

Each Day Is Precious[edit | edit source]

Within The Chasm, it is revealed that both of the Linkletters joined Scar Company, a division of the Neverwinter Guard for Spellscarred soldiers. The player is tasked by Dorothea and Quorthon to retrieve Aberrant Ichor, a component in an elixir for treating Spellplague. When delivering the elixir to Linkletter, he reveals that he is about to commit suicide and spare Dorothea from witnessing his transformation. The player convinces Linkletter to take the elixir instead, which works. Linkletter decides that he is going to make the most of whatever time he has left with Dorothea, who thanks the player for their aid.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

In Neverwinter Fields

Lt. Linkletter
Good to meet you!

In The Chasm

Josef Linkletter
These last days have been precious, in spite of everything.

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