Jack o' Liar Mask (Temporary)

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Jack o' Liar Mask (Temporary)
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Fashion
Tag: Fashion Hat
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup
Quality: Uncommon
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Item level: 1
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Quest: [[{{{quest}}}]]
Sell value: Copper28
Refinement point: Refinement Points{{{valueRP}}}
Buy cost: Masquerade Token100
Icons Inventory Fashion Halloween Head 05.png

The Jack o' Liar Mask (Temporary) is a fashion hat that can be purchased from the Masquerade of Liars vendor.

It is a temporary item that will disappear after 16 hours of in-game time.


Jack o' Liar Mask (Temporary)
Item Level: 1
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

On Liar's Night, carved pumpkins represent the false faces we present to the world.

Fashion Hat
No Level Requirement

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