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Iron Jeweler's Loupe

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Iron Jeweler's Loupe
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Profession Asset
Tag: Tool
Jeweler's Loupe
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Quality: Uncommon
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Sell value: Silver50
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An Iron Jeweler's Loupe can be used in Forgotten Jewelcrafting tasks that require a Jeweler's Loupe as an asset. These tasks are typically found between Jewelcrafting levels 7 and 13.

Iron Jeweler's Loupes can also be used in Rare tasks of any level as Optional assets that allow for Tools, where they give +16% Quality (increase chances for a higher tiered result).

They can be obtained by opening a Icon Cstore Pack Booster Professions.png[Professions Booster Pack] or asset pack, which are bought from the Zen Market. They can also be traded and bought/sold on the Tarmalune Auction House.


Iron Jeweler's Loupe

Bonus: +16% Quality

An asset used in common crafting tasks. Can be found in profession booster packs.

Tool, Jewelcrafting, Jeweler's Loupe
No Level Requirement