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Indomitable Champion

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Set stats:

+14 AC +2296 Maximum Hit Points
+448 Power
+2608 Defense
+1268 Deflection
+126 Movement

Set Effect:

2/4 Pieces: +450 Defense
4/4 Pieces: You have 25% more Guard Meter.

The Indomitable Champion set is based around block.

The increase block from the set, in addition to shield talent (passive), and certain feats allow the GF to withstand much more punishment. This set is ideal for holding the line in encounters. Best used in conjunction with iron warrior for block value.

• Keep in mind, you can always mix armor for the (2/4) set effects.

Example: (2/4) Indomitable Champion armor pieces for the +450 Defense + (2/4)Timeless Hero for the +450 Deflection = +450 Defense & +450 Deflection.

(Swords & Shields do NOT counts towards the armor piece count).