Incantations of the Dragon Queen

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Incantations of the Dragon Queen
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: uncategorized
Tag: Treasure
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Quality: Rare
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Sell value: Cannot sell
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Buy cost: Gold20, Astral Diamonds5,000, Dragon Sigil60, Fallen Dragon Fang60 and Cult Secret60
Linu's Favor15
Icons Campaign Tiamat Incantationsdragonqueen.png

The Incantations of the Dragon Queen is one of the three items in the Draconic Knowledge Collection.

This item is used in 6th and 7th Tyranny of Dragons Campaign boon tasks.

It can be bought from the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign Store


Incantations of the Dragon Queen

This rare and ancient tome contains many lost fragments of lore regarding the dragon queen, Tiamat, and her powers. Through careful study of the secrets contained within, those brave scholars fortunate enough to come into possession of this priceless tract hope to discover and capture some portion of that power for themselves.

This tome is required to unlock the sixth and seventh boons in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell