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Icy Rays (CW)/Tooltip

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Icy Rays
80' range
20s cooldown
Cold Damage

Blasts one or two targets with icy beams, briefly Immobilizing them and adding Chill.

The first cast of this spell puts a rune mark over your target. The second cast will fire at both the rune marked target, and your current target. Spell effectiveness is increased if both beams are fired at one target.

Spell Mastery: Deals 50% more damage, Immobilizes for an additional second, and adds an extra stack of Chill.

Rank 2
Damage: +10%
Immobilize: +.25s

Rank 3

Damage: +10%
Immobilize: +.25s

Rank 4

Damage: +10%
Immobilize: +.25s