Hungry Trolls

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Hungry Trolls
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Starts in: Summer Festival
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Smorgengorg, a Named Midsummer Troll Bosses
Gormengeena, a Named Midsummer Troll Boss

Hungry Trolls is a Contest that takes place during the Summer Festival zone, first present from August 29th, 2013 through September 18th, 2013 and then repeated during the 2014 version of the event (August 21-September 11). It lasts 15 minutes, at which point there is a 4 minute pause before the Water Battle Contest. Like all Contests it is a zone-wide event in which participants accumulate points (though they can only be gained in the Grillin' Grounds region of the map) and there is no specific quest or action to take to "sign up", just the act of earning a point in the current contest cycle. When the contest completes participants will be ranked Bronze, Copper, Silver, or Gold based on total score ranking and rewards will be issued. If two or more people have the same amount of points, the later to reach that total is considered higher rank. In any case, all who score at least 1 point will get a reward.

Note: The 2013 version of the event lasted 12 minutes and was followed by a 3 minute pause prior to the Summer Feast contest. The petal rewards for Bronze/Copper/Silver/Gold were lower as well: 15/15/30/45 (doubled during the Height).

Defeat the Trolls Attacking the Festival!

Hungry Trolls are attacking to steal the food from the Midsummer feast. Stop them!

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Protect the Grillin' Grounds

  • Defeat Trolls

Scoring[edit | edit source]

  • +1 Kill a Hungry Troll solo
  • +2 Kill a Ravenous Troll solo
  • +2 Kill a Starving Troll solo
  • +5 Kill a Gluttonous Troll solo
  • +10 Kill "Gormengeena" (large named troll) solo
  • +20 Kill "Smorgengorg" (huge named troll) solo


  • When multiple characters kill the same troll points are distributed by damage and there is the possibility for point loss from rounding. For example in testing with a duo, a roughly half damage split on a 1 point Hungry troll resulted in one character getting 1 point and the other 0, with the same approach producing an even 1/1 split from 2 point trolls, and a 2/2 split from a 5 point Gluttonous (meaning one potential point was "lost"). For two point trolls, the cutoff to be counted for damage appears to around 33% of the creature's hit points.
  • Periodically one or more of large named trolls will appear: Known examples are the smaller Gormengeena and the much larger and tougher Smorgengorg. Points appear to be distributed in the same manner as other trolls for group kills, so a low gain is fairly likely due to the numbers required to kill these beasts. There is no special requirement to kill them in the event.

Completion[edit | edit source]

Protect the Grillin' Grounds
Contest Finished!

Based on your performance you placed in the *Bronze/Copper/Silver/Gold* bracket and earned the following reward: