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Neverwinter uses a hotkey system to access frequently used commands and windows in the game. To change the default hotkeys, press ESC, then select Options, then the Interface tab.

Also, all hotkeys can be assigned a secondary key to activate them.

To change a hotkey from its default or to assign a secondary key, click on the appropriate keybind, then press the new key to assign to that command or window. Then click either Apply (makes the change) or OK (makes the change and closes the window.)

The default (already assigned) hotkeys are:

Movement and Camera[edit | edit source]

Hotkey Action Comments
W Move Forward
S Move Backward
A Move Left
D Move Right
Space Jump
Shift Utility Power Ex. Guardian Fighter Guard
T Auto-Run
Scroll Down Inspect Mode Out
Scroll Up Inspect Mode In
B Inspect Mode Toggle
C Character Sheet
U Notifications Viewing
N Professions View
O Social View
I Inventory
Ctrl + I Invocation (can only be done at certain invocation spots)
ALT Cursor Mode Toggle

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