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Horn of the Eotyrannus

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Horn of the Eotyrannus
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: uncategorized
Tag: Hunt Lure
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Sell value: Silver4Copper42
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Horn of the Eotyrannus is an Omuan hunt lure bought from Agnar of Many Teeth in Port Nyanzaru's Hunter's Square.


Horn of the Eotyrannus

This lure will beckon Musshussu when placed at the proper location.

An enchanted horn capable of reproducing the warcry of an eotyrannus. Exercise extreme caution when using this horn outside of the city walls.

Hunt lures and trophies may not be mailed or posted on the auction house.

Hunt Lure
No Level Requirement

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Horn of the Eotyrannus can be bought from Agnar of Many Teeth in exchange for Magehunter's Helm and Razortyrannus Rex Spine.