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General[edit source]

  • AD - Astral Diamonds
  • AH - Auction House
  • AoE - Area of Effect
  • AP - Action Points
  • BiS - Best in Slot (Colloquially referring to Encounter powers, enchantments, artifacts, etc.)
  • BI - Black Ice
  • BoA - Binds on Account. You can't put it on the Auction House, but you can move it between your characters.
  • BoE - Binds on Equip. Trade-able. You can get it, pass it between your characters or resell it, up to when your character wears or uses some aspect of it.
  • BoP - Binds on Pickup - As soon as your character touches it, it's staying with them until you sell (not trade), use, salvage, or discard it.
  • Burn - refer to attack without a specific battle plan or without caring about the fight mechanic.
  • CTA - Call to Arms - a special version of existing skirmishes, typically with other special rewards attached to it
  • DD - Dungeon Delves
  • DOT - Damage Over Time
  • DPS - Damage per Second
  • gg - good game - can be meant sincerely or to deride others, so be careful of the context it is used in
  • gj - good job
  • GS - Gear Score - the rating of a character that includes things like stats, gear, enchantments, boons, etc - Replaced by Item Level (IL)
  • gtg - good to go (ready for whatever is next) or got to go (have to leave)
  • HE - Heroic Encounter, timed events where a group of 5+ players is suggested for completion.
  • HOT - Heal Over Time
  • HPS - Heals Per Second
  • ICD - Internal Cool Down (time)
  • IL - Item Level, replacement for Gear Score
  • LFG - Looking for Group
  • LFM/LF(n)M - Looking for more or looking for (n) more, where n is the number of players specifically sought after.
  • LFT - [Lightfoot Thief]
  • NPC - Non Player Character
  • NW - Neverwinter (Game; Official Acronym)
  • NW:O - Neverwinter Online (Game; Community Devised)
  • NWN - Neverwinter Nights (Game)
  • NWN1 - Neverwinter Nights (Game)
  • NWN2 - Neverwinter Nights 2 (Game)
  • NWO - Neverwinter Online (Game; Community Devised)
  • OP - Over-Powered or (related to forum posts) Original Poster. (Can also refer to the class Oathbound Paladin)
  • PE - Protector's Enclave
  • PVE - person versus environment -or- player versus environment
  • PVP - person versus person -or- player versus player
  • PUG - Pick up group, indicating groups created by random queue. Also used to indicate a team missing 1 or more components and accessing the queue to complete the team.
  • PWE - Perfect World Entertainment (Company)
  • PWI - Perfect World International (Game)
  • RAD - Rough Astral Diamonds
  • RBI - Raw Black Ice
  • RP - Refinement Points
  • RNG - Random Number Generator
  • RTI - Return To Instance
  • SH - Stronghold
  • ToD - Tyranny of Dragons
  • WAI - Working as Intended
  • ZAX - Zen AD Exchange
  • Zerg - Force of large group of lower level players who use numbers rather then strategy to defeat the enemy

Class Related[edit source]

BBN: Barbarian[edit source]

CLR: Cleric[edit source]

FTR: Fighter[edit source]

PAL: Paladin[edit source]

RGR: Ranger[edit source]

ROG: Rogue[edit source]

WRK: Warlock[edit source]

WIZ: Wizard[edit source]

CW: Control Wizard[edit source]

DC: Devoted Cleric[edit source]

GF: Guardian Fighter[edit source]

GWF: Great Weapon Fighter[edit source]

HR: Hunter Ranger[edit source]

OP: Oathbound Paladin[edit source]

  • Healadin - Paladin healer
  • Tankadin - Paladin tank

SW: Scourge Warlock[edit source]

TR: Trickster Rogue[edit source]

Unimplmented Classes[edit source]

Following classes are not implemented on Neverwinter nor are they planned. abbreviations are based on D&D 5e.

  • BRD - Bard
  • DRD - Druid
  • MNK - Monk
  • SOR - Sorcerer

Combat/Powers/Effects[edit source]

Dungeons[edit source]

Equipment, Gear, and Items[edit source]

General gear[edit source]

  • BI - Black Ice
  • CN set - The weapon sets dropped from the Dracolich in Castle Never. Ancient Spymater(TR), Castle Champion(GWF), etc. A catch-all.
  • DL - Dread Legion weapons(Also armor, but less frequently)
  • FD - Fallen Dragon weapons
  • FF - Fabled Fomorian weapons
  • RBI - Raw Black Ice

Enchantments[edit source]

  • Bark/BS - Barkshield
  • Bile/BT - Bilethorn
  • G - Greater
  • L - Lesser
  • P - Perfect
  • PF - Plague Fire
  • SF - Soulforged enchant
  • Vorp - Vorpal enchant
Example usages: GPF - Greater Plague Fire, highest level of PF; P.Vorp - Perfect Vorpal, LSF - Lesser Soulforged, P.Terror - Perfect Terror. I usually see the prefix-less versions of enchants referred to as 'normal', but I don't recall ever seeing an N used as abbreviation for this.

Zone Related[edit source]

DR: Dread Ring[edit source]

  • DF - Death Forge in Dread Ring
  • DS - Dreadspire lair in Dread Ring
  • PF - Phantasmal Fortress in Dread Ring

GG: Gauntlgrym[edit source]

  • FC - Fardelver's Crypt
  • DK - Dwarf King Crypt

IWD: Icewind Dale[edit source]

  • AB - Arcane Brotherhood
  • BG - Biggrin's Tomb, (A weekly lair in Icewind Pass - gives 50 Konig coins and about 1200 black ice)
  • BiB/Beho - Black Ice Beholder (Epic HE in Dwarven Valley)
  • HE - Heroic Encounter
  • HQ/Queen - Hammerstone Queen - weekly quest started from a hammer item that randomly drops off corrupted dwarves in Dwarven Valley
  • KR - Kessel's Retreat (sometimes just called Kessel's) - the special skirmish for IWD
  • Remo/Rem - Remorhaz (Epic HE in Icewind Pass)
  • TT - Ten Towners
  • DV - Dwarven Valley
  • IP/IwP - Icewind Pass

SH: Stronghold[edit source]

  • DF - Dragon Flight (Refering to Greed of the Dragonflight)
  • INF - Influence Run (Doing Heroic Encounters in the SH)
  • SHE - Stronghold Heroic Events

WoD: Well of Dragons[edit source]

  • CP - Cult Prison, one of the 3 lairs in WoD
  • DP - Drake Pens, one of the 3 lairs in WoD
  • TMS - Thayan magical shelter, one of the 3 lairs in WoD

UD: Underdark[edit source]

Notes[edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 NOTE: This abbreviation (SW) is now more commonly referring to the new player class "Scourge Warlock".