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Heart of the White Dragon
Item Level: 150
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Icon Inventory Artifacts White Dragon Heart Tooltip.png

Rank: 140 (maximum)

Freezing and slowing its hapless targets, this prized Dragon Empire artifact strikes with the power of a deadly blizzard.

Recharge Time: 60s

+3,996 Maximum Hit Points
+999 Defense
+1,002 Accuracy
Use: Deals 7,903 Cold damage (+20% if you are Dragonborn) to up to 7 enemies in a cone in front of the user and slows those targets for 6.3 seconds.

It also grants you 2,550 Defense for 8 seconds.

This artifact has its cooldown reduced by 50% if no targets are hit.

Part of set (0/5)
Heart of the Black Dragon
Heart of the Blue Dragon
Heart of the Green Dragon
Heart of the Red Dragon
Heart of the White Dragon
3 of Set:
Equip: Reduces recharge time by 25% for any Dragon Heart artifact.

Artifact of Stability
No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Refinement Points150,024