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Heart of Fire (item)

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Heart of Fire
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Refining Stone
Tag: Refinement
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Quality: Rare
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Sell value: Silver12
Refinement point: Refinement Points1,000
Buy cost:
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The Heart of Fire (item) is a powerfull gem located in (SPOILER ALERT!!) a lost temple in the Lost City of Omu. Most of the Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign's storyline is abaut helping Acquisitions Incorporated to locate and aquire the gem... until you find out there are TWO of them. Then, Omin Dran decides to let you keep one of them, which appears to the player as a rank 14 Enchantment.


Heart of Fire

Plucked, pilfered, or plundered, no matter the terminology used for the recovery of this powerful gem, it seems to radiate a constant warmth from within.

Refinement, Gemstone
No Level Requirement
Refinement Points1,000