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Harper Chronicles

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The Harper Chronicles is a series of User Generated Content intended to accompany the leveling process. Each leveling zone will have a quest available created by one of several different authors. To find the Harper Chronicles series, Search for "Harper Chronicles" in the Foundry tab.

Harper Chronicles
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Given by: Mysterious Traveler
Starts in: Blacklake District
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Turn in to: Mysterious Traveler
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Objective[edit | edit source]

The objective of the Harper Chronicles series is to give players the opportunity to enjoy User Generated Content throughout the leveling process. By utilizing the Mysterious Traveler NPC, players will partake in a zone specific quest created by members of the Foundry Community. In conjunction with the Well-Informed Harper NPC, these quests are intended to be easily accessible to new players. Quest content and difficulty is dependent upon the author. Keep in mind, as with all Foundry content, that the rewards upon completion of the quest are not determined by the author.

Summary List of Quests[edit | edit source]

Title Author Short Code Date Published / Last Edited
Harper Chronicles: Blacklake Ian Darksword NW-DCPA4W2Q5 August 10, 2016
Harper Chronicles: Tower District Eldarth
Harper Chronicles: Blackdagger Ruins
The Harper Chronicles: Neverdeath: The Hallowed Tomb Locksheon NW-DNCVLTEP5 July 11, 2016
The Harper Chronicles: Helm's Hold: The Summoning Locksheon NW-DUBPAX6FA July 1, 2016
Harper Chronicles: Ebon Downs
Harper Chronicles: Vellosk DoctorBadger
Harper Chronicles: Pirate's Skyhold Torontodave
Harper Chronicles: Icespire Peak Waryur
Harper Chronicles: Rothe Valley Instynctive
Harper Chronicles: Mount Hotenow Essenti
Harper Chronicles: Whispering Caverns Locksheon