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Guild Alliances

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Alliances[edit | edit source]

Abbreviations used in this text: Alliance Level (AL) - Alliance Size (AS) - Experience Points Bonus (XPB) - Stronghold Structure Discount (SSD)

Alliances are formed between 2 to 13 Guilds, that are player-formed organizations composed of players, that gain certain in-game features such as a special Alliance chat channels. They form for a variety of reasons. Usually to enhance the social nature of the game and to offer help to smaller guilds. By grouping together guilds in an alliance will be able to do things that they would have had trouble doing on their own.

To start an Alliance, or expand an existing one, a guild leader just needs to invite another guild leader to join (use the new “Alliance” tab in the existing guild user interface).

Alliances are composed of up to 13 Guilds arranged in an hierarchical system. The founding Guild will be called the "Helm Guild", which can invite (and kick) up to 3 "Sword Guilds", which, in turn, can each invite (and kick) up to 3 "Gauntlet Guilds".

Guilds you invite stay with you when you move, so if a Sword guild decides to strike out on its own, when it leaves its alliance it will become the Helm guild of a new alliance, and any Gauntlet guilds it has will move with it (becoming Sword guilds, which can then invite Gauntlet guilds of their own).

Guild leaders will be able to turn off certain features, like incoming and outgoing donations of specific resources, or map visits (if the guild's Stronghold map is in danger of becoming full, for example).

There will be benefits for all sizes of guilds. Small guilds especially will appreciate the chance to shop at a larger ally's store. Large guilds should have an easier time getting guild marks, if they have some smaller allies who can still use certain resources that the larger guild has maxed out. And everyone will get a bit extra from the alliance bonuses.

Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

An Alliance has 3 tiers.
Tier 1 - Helm Guild - The main/founding guild. Can invite/kick three Tier 2 guilds in to their alliance as Swords but cannot kick Gauntlets under Swords.
Tier 2 - Sword Guilds - Can invite three more Tier 3 guilds to the tier below them as Gauntlets. Only Swords may kick their Gauntlets from the Alliance. When a Sword leaves an Alliance their Gauntlets follow them and become the Swords of a new Alliance with the previous Sword becoming Helm.
Tier 3 - Gauntlet Guilds - Can not invite any other guilds.

Alliance structure.png
Leaving an Alliance - All Guilds may leave an alliance at any time. This requires votes from all Rank 7 guild members. When a leave/kick vote is started the guild enters a probationary window that inhibits travel to their Guild Map.

Features[edit | edit source]

All Alliance Guild Member can:
Access the Alliance chat.
Visit any allied Stronghold maps.
While there you can team up to do Heroic Encounters or tackle the Dragons.
You can even shop at their stores.
You will also be able to from all coffers contribute to any Ally Guild, including your own, to earn Guild Marks. Other guilds in the Alliance may disable this feature from their Alliances tab in the Guild window.

Alliance bonuses[edit | edit source]

The benefits of Experience Bonus (XPB) & Stronghold Structure Discount (SSD) are dependent on a few things.
1. The over all Alliance level, which is the total sum of all the member Guilds' levels combined.
2. What tier the Guild is at in the Alliance.

AL * 0.1% = SSD
AL * 0.025% = XPB

AL * 0.05% = SSD
AL * 0.05% = XPB

AL * 0.025% = SSD
AL * 0.1% = XPB

List of Alliances[edit | edit source]

Add to the list the names of the Alliance, its level, its size (amount of members), on the next line its member guilds in tiered order. Each tier separated with a: /
If you have a vacant slot in any of the tiers write VACANT SWORD and/or VACANT GAUNTLET instead.
For interested guilds to be able to ask for invites, write the @handle to the person you want them to contact in game.


  • Alliance: The Alliance Guild / AL: 100 / AS: 650

Sword 1, Sword 2, VACANT SWORD / Gauntlet 1, Gauntlet 2, VACANT GAUNTLET, Gauntlet 4, Gauntlet 5, Gauntlet 6, VACANT GAUNTLET, VACANT GAUNTLET, VACANT GAUNTLET


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance: THE BAR (growing alliance accepting all level guilds)
    • Helm: THE BAR
      • Swords: Neverwinter Refugees, Rhix's Roughnecks, Demon Deacons
        • Gauntlets: KRYPTONITE, THE WICKED FAMILY, VACANT, VACANT, VACANT, VACANT, Shadowcore, BootyCheekClappers, VACANT

Alliance: Black Vanguard (Accepting all)

      • Helm: Dalies and Dungeons
        • Swords: Holy Knights, Crew of Serenity, and, FateSpinners
        • Gauntlets: Black Vanguard, Uncharted-Potential, Red Vanguard, ClanMcStabby, Neverembers Lackeys, Pandas of Ni, Gold Vanguard, and Scions Of The Twighlight Gods. 1 Vacant gauntlet guild.
  • Contacts to join- *Vastlyblank@johnalanssimmons
  • Leif@oldkitch
  • ConfusedShoes@walifp
  • Zotteltier@anticosmo
  • Bruce GF@brucesilvrhawk
  • Grimsom@Cancelledczech
  • Poxbow@poxfaerie


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance: Immortal Empire Alliance
    • Helm: Immortal Empire https://originalsssiren.wixsite.com/immortalempire
    • Swords: Warriors of Immortal Empire, Sorcerers of Immortal Empire, Healers of Immortal Empire
    • Gauntlets: Bag of Tricks, Masters of the Hunt, Divine 9 of Immortal Empire etc.
    • Contact Siren@ogsnipersiren Guild Leader


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:The Neverwinter Fellowship
    • Helm: Tyrs Paladium
    • Swords: 13th Suns, Mystra's Embrace, Storm of the Phoenix
    • Gauntlets: Royal Black Watch, Refuge of the Lone Wolves, Jello Fighters of Dereth, Amicus, NW SOLO Alliance, Casual Adventurer's League, The New Outriders
  • Alliance: Neverwinter Geeks Alliance
    • HELM: Neverwinter Geeks
    • SWORDS: Shadow Avengers, Harpers Eloquence, Queen Anne's Revenge
    • GAUNTLETS: Critical Attack, Cutthroat Killers, GalliFreyankeep, VALIANT LEGION, Castle Blackstone, TSR Ventures, Ruathym Corsairs, Ghost Templars, ~The Grey Company~
      • Alliance Discord server: https://discord.gg/6F4gPQJ
      • Alliance (Ghost Templars) Blog: http://neverwintertemplars.blogspot.com
      • Alliance Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r?cid=YW5rLnFhckBnbWFpbC5jb20
  • Alliance: The Omnia

SWORDS: The Order of Light, Spiret of Virtue, Legion of Malevolence



  • Alliance: Primacy Alliance (PC)
    • Helm: Elite Mercenaria
    • Swords: Pure Evil, Heralds of Lurid Dusk, Saints of Hope
    • Gauntlet: Protector's of Rabbits, Tohuvabohu, Fatespinners, The Pharaohs, Brazilian Empire, Chronic Legion, House of Power, Eclipse of the Black Sun, Adapt and Overcome
  • Contact: Lazalia@lazaroth666


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance: The Radiant Alliance
    • Helm: Order of Knights Radiant
    • Swords: Order of the Shadow Wolves, Hell's Kennel, Chevalier Knights Creed
    • Gauntlets: Order of Leeroy Jenkins, Avengers Midwest, Emerald Knights
    • Current as of 08/21/19
  • Contact our website to join: https://orderofknightsradiant.enjin.com/


  • Alliance:The Sacred Alliance [PC] (Accepting Guilds of all sizes, contact us for current openings.)
    • Helm: Sacred Convergence
    • Swords: Order of Mythical Might, Order of the Sapphire Rose, LunaSun
    • Gauntlets: Never Knights, Harbingers of Honor, IlMater's Legion, Innanis Locus, Forum Auxilium, VACANCY, VACANCY, VACANCY, VACANCY
  • Contacts: @vondan, @Absolutekrysis#9574


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance:


  • Alliance: