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Guild:The Great Realm of Bacon

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The Great Realm of Bacon welcomes anyone who enjoys casual yet competitive gaming and a fun atmosphere. We hope to attract active players, not only for dungeons but also to build our Stronghold. We have modest rules that concur with our sense of friends, family, and community. They can be found on our website in the forums titled The Great Book of Bacon. There is also a brief history of how we came to be. See the hyperlink below for our web address. We currently use Mumble as our voice server, and also welcome active chatters.

Recruiting Message: Accepting all to build towards Strongholds

The Great Realm of Bacon
Leader: @stockdale18 @silversongwind @klodius26
Active Members: 183
Founded: December 15th, 2013
Minimum Level: 1
Website: The GROB Facebook Page

Mumble Info[edit | edit source]

  • Server: nickacker.dlinkddns.com
  • port: 3222
  • password: mumballs

Go to Mumble.com to get started.

Note: We are migrating to TeamSpeak 3