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We are a large online gaming community that has has a branch in Neverwinter Online. You can find more information about us on our website: http://www.projectproteus.guildportal.com We do a little of everything: DD groups,PvP,GauntlGrym,Guild Events,Dailies/Game Events,etc.! And there is always people on to help! We are also active in Ventrilo and always looking to welcome more people!

We are a family friendly guild with players from all over the globe. We keep an active player base in NW of around 425 members with 20-50 on at any given time throughout the day. We both help new players as well as run end game material with our more advance members and also run a multitude of events and activities. Some things we do include Bi-weekly guild meetings with trivia and giveaways, Dungeon tutorial runs for new players, Dungeon farming/DD groups, Pvp teams and a whole mess of random guild events like Strip Dungeons and Karaoke.

If you are interested in a new guild and community please pm or mail Desupaireetsu@desupaireesu or feel free to post here with any questions you may have I am the Current Leader of the NW Guild, and I also Stream Our Guild Events and Runs @ http://www.twitch.tv/desupaireetsu