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Greater Everfrost Resist Armor Kit

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Greater Everfrost Resist Armor Kit
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Armor Reinforcement Kit
Tag: Armor Reinforcement Kit
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Quality: Epic
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Sell value: Silver4
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Buy cost: Voninblod4,800 Ten-Towns Supplies16
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The Greater Everfrost Resist Armor Kit is an armor reinforcement kit that can be bought from the Storm King's Thunder Campaign store. It gives 2% more Everfrost Resistance than the Everfrost Resist Armor Kit does. Armor kits can be double-clicked to become active. Once the kit is active, a piece of armor can be selected, which applies the Reinforcement. Each armor piece can only be affected by one armor kit. Once applied, a Reinforcement cannot be removed, only replaced. Using the Armor Kit consumes it.


Greater Everfrost Resist Armor Kit

Reinforced: +5% Everfrost Damage Resistance

This Reinforcement can be applied to armor pieces that go in the Shirt or Trousers slots.

Double-click this kit and then click on the equipment to which you want this Reinforcement applied.

Armor Reinforcement Kit
No Level Requirement