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Level: 26
Preceded by:
Followed by: The Missing Doomguides
Given by: Sergeant Knox
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Neverdeath Graveyard
Turn in to: Doomguide Volahk
172 XP
72 Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Begin your adventures in Neverdeath Graveyard.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Travel to the Neverdeath Graveyard and speak to Doomguide Volahk.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Knox
Ah <name>! Glad you came by! A troop of my guards just returned from Neverdeath Cemetery. They were a bit rattled, and spoke of… Kelemvor… undead overrunning the city… something along those lines. Two were pretty badly wounded.

I need to ask you to venture into the graveyard and talk with Doomguide Volahk. Your help there may stop an infestation of undead here.

Steps[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

Doomguide Volahk
Thank you for coming, <name>.

Although it humbles me to admit it, the Doomguides of Kelemvor need aid against the undead. Our resources are stretched to their limits.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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