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The Goldmsith specializes in smelting and finishing items made from solid gold.

Goldsmith[edit | edit source]

The Goldsmith is a Temporary Stronghold structure that sells various Profession and Masterwork Profession resources. It has only one rank, and lasts 1 week.

A Goldsmith can be built at any of the four Millabout Marketplace plots outside the Northwest entrance to the Stronghold

Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Food tiny.png
Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Metal tiny.png
Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Stone tiny.png
Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Wood tiny.png
40,000 60,000 60,000 40,000

Basic Materials[edit | edit source]

Resource Cost
15 [Ornamental Iron] 1Guild Marks
5 [Ornamental Mithral] 1Guild Marks
50 [Ornamental Steel] 1Guild Marks
2 [Ornamental Adamantine] 1Guild Marks
5 [Fundamental Earth] 1Guild Marks
5 [Adamantine Plates] 1Guild Marks
5 [Adamantine Rings and Scales] 1Guild Marks
10 [Iron Plates] 1Guild Marks
10 [Iron Rings and Scales] 1Guild Marks
15 [Steel Plates] 1Guild Marks
15 [Steel Rings and Scales] 1Guild Marks
7 [Mithral Plates] 1Guild Marks
7 [Mithral Rings and Scales] 1Guild Marks

Specialty Materials[edit | edit source]

Most specialty materials can only be bought if you have already unlocked the recipe to craft them.

Resource Cost
[Fieldstone] 200Guild Marks
[Brass Ingot] 250Guild Marks
[Azurite] 200Guild Marks
[Marble] 800Guild Marks
[Red Rouge] 2,000Guild Marks
[Gold Nugget][1] 200Guild Marks, 2x Crafting Resource Gold Ore.png[Gold Ore], Crafting Leather Resource Rocksalt 01.png[Rock Salt]
[Gold Ingot][1] 400Guild Marks, 3x Crafting Resource Gold Nugget.png[Gold Nugget], Crafting Resource Aqua Regia.png[Concentrated Aqua Regia]
[Gold Wire][2] 600Guild Marks, 2x Crafting Components Ingot 04.png[Gold Ingot], 2x Crafting Resource Vitriol.png[Shark Oil]