Ghostwise Halflings

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Lore: Ghostwise Halflings[edit | edit source]

How to Get[edit | edit source]

If you are a halfling visit Cecil Proudfoot on the 2nd floor of the Broken Crown Inn in Blackdagger Ruins. He bestows a racial quest for halflings on or before level 31 called, Pilfered Supplies. Once that quest is complete, he will give you another racial quest called, Ghostwise Aid. Once that quest is accepted, you will be rewarded with this lore.

Lore Content[edit | edit source]

Blackdagger Ruins > Ghostwise Halflings

The Ghostwise are the most reclusive and insular of the Halfling tribes. Although they were the aggressors in the Ghostwar that tore apart the ancient Halfling nation of Luiren, modern ghostwise have freed themselves from sinister influence.

Eschewing the company of other races, the Ghostwise chose to live isolated in the wilds. Living in the wilderness lends a certain roughness to the demeanor of these adaptive halflings, but at heart they are as kind and generous as their kin.