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The Gemcutter specializes in preparing rough precious stones and shaping them to perfection.

Gemcutter[edit | edit source]

The Gemcutter is a temporary Stronghold structure that produces [Gems] over time. To transfer the Gems at the Gemcutter to the Stronghold Coffer, you must tend it by interacting with the sign at the plot is is built on. It has only one rank, and lasts 1 week.

A Gemcutter will generate 144 gold per hours and has a 1152 gems capacity.

A Gemcutter can be built at any of the four Millabout Marketplace plots outside the Northwest entrance to the Stronghold.

Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Labor tiny.png
Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Metal tiny.png
Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Stone tiny.png
Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Stone tiny.png
23,000 31,000 34,000 40,000
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