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Gathir Trueshot

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Gathir Trueshot
Faction: Elves of Iliyanbruen
Race: Iliyanbruen Moon Elf? (based on companions)
Occupation: Scout
Gathir Trueshot

Gathir Trueshot is an NPC in the Iliyanbruen camp in the Dark Fey Enclave. He grants some of the Dark Fey Enclave repeatable quests related to the Sharandar Campaign, having adventurers disrupt enemy supply lines and slay trolls. He is introduced earlier as a dialogue contact during the quest To the Farthest Forest, during which he instructs the adventurer to kill redcaps and gather artifacts.

Gathir Trueshot
We must protect New Sharandar from the fomorion onslaught.

Quests Given[edit | edit source]

One of the following two quests each day: