Gate Crashers

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Loadingscreen Az Ch Gate Crasher.png

Gate Crashers is a skirmish set in The Chasm.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Skirmish/Monster Level: 40
Enemy Rating: 3,400
Minimum Level to queue: 40
Scaled Level: 40

Call to Arms Gate Crasher[edit | edit source]

Loading Screen Az Ch Gate Crasher CTA.png
Call to Arms: Gate Crashers
A limited time Call to Arms: Gate Crashers

The Foulspawn of the Chasm are attacking one of Quorthon's teleportation gates. Assemble a team and stop them!

To participate
You must be level 40 or higher and queue for the event.

Enemy Drops
Most drops are chance based or dependant of enemy ranking such as [Medallion of Battle] and Gold Gold.

1-7x [Medallion of Battle]
[Cruel Enchantment, Rank 1]
[Cruel Enchantment, Rank 2]
[Priceless Platinum Bowl]
[Potion of Exalted Healing]
[Potion of Prestigious Healing]
[Potion of Power Rank 6]
[Potion of Defense Rank 6]
[Potion of Accuracy Rank 6]
[Potion of Deflect Rank 6]
[Potion of Critical Strike Rank 6]
[Superior Potion of Rejuvenation]
[Black Pearl]

Non-Class specific drops

[Wretched Raid Shirt]
[Wretched Ward Shirt]
[Lost Raid Shirt of the Sentinel]
[Lost Ward Shirt of the Sentinel]
[Deteriorating Raid Shirt]
[Deteriorating Assault Shirt]
[Deteriorating Ward Shirt]
[Wretched Raid Trousers]
[Wretched Assault Trousers]
[Deteriorating Restoration Trousers]
[Lost Ward Trousers of the Sentinel]
[Forgotten Assault Ring of the Prospector]
[Forgotten Raid Ring of the Prospector]
[Forgotten Restoration Ring of the Prospector]

Class Specific drops

[Wretched Breastplate]
[Wretched Chainmail]
[Wretched Gauntltles]
[Wretched Vambraces]
[Wretched Sabatons]
[Wretched Greaves]
Main Hand
[Wretched Greatsword]
[Misplaced Greatsword]
[Lost Greatsword of the Sentinel]
[Wretched Sword Knot]
[Misplaced Sword Knot]
[Lost Sword Knot of the Sentinel]

Chest rewards

[Dungeon Chest]

Guaranteed Rewards:

One of the following:

Chance reward:
Season 1

Store[edit | edit source]

A merchant named Quorthon within Protector Enclave during the CTA selling items for both Gate Crashers and CTA: Seasons for [Medallion of Battle] Medallion of Battle go to Call to Arms Skirmish for Token of Heroes Token of Heroes.

"Current Call to Arms" Store Tab

  • Gate Crashers CTA's personal items within the merchant.
Class Item Cost
All [Bluefire Dye Pack] 50 Medallion of Battle
All [Refiner's Cache] 100 Medallion of Battle
All [Companion Accessories] 100 Medallion of Battle
Fighter/Paladin [Bluefire Battle Axe] 150 Medallion of Battle
Fighter/Paladin [Bluefire Shield] 150 Medallion of Battle
Rogue [Bluefire Sickle] 150 Medallion of Battle
Rogue [Bluefire Kama] 150 Medallion of Battle
Ranger [Bluefire Bow] 150 Medallion of Battle
Ranger [Bluefire Dual Blades] 150 Medallion of Battle
Wizard [Bluefire Orb] 300 Medallion of Battle
Warlock [Bluefire Pact Blade] 300 Medallion of Battle
Barbarian [Bluefire Scythe] 300 Medallion of Battle
Cleric [Bluefire Scepter] 300 Medallion of Battle

"Other Call to Arms" Store Tab

  • Lets you buy all the other CTA's dye's n' weapons for a 2x thier normal price.

When the event ends you may find the merchant near the event area lingering for a few days, but all the items from the CTA now cost 2x since it isn't active anymore.

Enemies[edit | edit source]




Plaguechanged Maw
Plaguechanged Raider
Blue Fire Eye
Nothic Mindwarp
Nothic Plaguegazer
Nothic Brute
Intellect Predator

Order of the Blue Fire

Acolyte of Corruption
Knight Accordant


Ustilagor (Boss summons)

Notes/Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You'll gain alot more Medallion of Battle if you do the skirmish solo. (around 150-160 per run.)

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