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Foundry:The Final Prophecy

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Foundry: The Final Prophecy Campaign[edit | edit source]

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1. Campaign Details

2. Campaign Missions

3. Spotlight Missions

The Final Prophecy

Campaign by @Locksheon, feedback thread is located here.

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All heroes need a day off, and what better way to spend it than with drinking, dancing, and games?
Every year, the simple village of Darrow bands together and celebrates Lord Traven Darrow's birthday.
But one villager doesn't seem to be sharing in the festivities.
Pack your bags and travel through Neverwinter Wood to share in a unique experience that could be the start of a grand adventure!

Campaign Details

Campaign Name: The Final Prophecy

Campaign Short Code: NWS-DSCPZKKYO

Number of Missions: 5

Campaign Type: Lore, Story, Exploration.

Language: EN-US/UK

Campaign Missions

1) The Flame Keeper / Short Code: NW-DP3QEQK88

2) From a Distance / Short Code: NW-DLTFF8M20

3) A House Divided / Short Code: NW-DH8T86OFK

4) Fallen Angel / Short Code: NW-DT4WMDTTI

5) The Darkness Within / Short Code: NW-DHY46QSLR

Featured "Spotlight" Quests
NOTE: The Featured versions of these quests are a copy of the original, and cannot be altered or repaired.

The Flame Keeper

• Originally Featured on 11/18/13

• Short Code: NW-DBVWOGV9K

From a Distance

• Featured on 8/5/14

• Short Code: NW-DUNMCFSKZ