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Foundry:Dweomerkeepers Campaign

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The Dweomerkeepers[edit | edit source]

Campaign by @zebular (Forum Profile), feedback thread is located here.

     Rumors have begun to spread after the discovery of a Mystrallan structure in the Neverwinter Wood. These rumors weave tales of a lost Temple of Mystra and a band of drow followers of Lolth somewhere within the Wood. This structure may hold clues to the Temple's location, as Cleric Millan believes. The Cleric of Lurue has set about to hire adventurers in hopes at unraveling these Mysteries.

Campaign Details[edit | edit source]

Campaign Name: The Dweomerkeepers
Campaign Short Code: NWS-DKPPXGRS7
Number of Missions: 8 (3 published)
Campaign Type: Lore, Story.
Language: EN-US/UK

Campaign Missions[edit | edit source]

1) A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood / SC: NW-DIPI9V93T
2) Off the High Road / SC: NW-DPLLC58A9
3) Dweomerkeep Temple / SC: NW-DUWQF9IXO
4) A Weave in Time / SC: NW-DDJNKTXJP
5) Dweomerkeep Library / SC: NW-DM2E8Q5TI
6) Working Title, Act VI / SC: NW-DEVE7DEVN
7) Working Title, Act VII / SC: NW-DJHHHBT6H
8) Working Title, Act VIII / SC: NW-DDVF6L5IX

Spotlight Missions[edit | edit source]

A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood
• Spotlight from June 3rd, 2013 to June 11th, 2013
• Short Code: NW-DO7AERD6G (Note: Old Version!)
Please note: The Spotlight Version (1.33) is an old version any may have bugs and is no longer update-able.
As a result, it is no longer nestled into the Campaign.
The missions within the Campaign are current,See Current List Above or the page for A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood for the latest updates.