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Foundry:A Weave in Time, Act IV

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A Weave in Time, Act IV[edit | edit source]

Part of the Dweomerkeepers Campaign by @zebular. Feedback thread is located here.

     A letter arrives for you from the postal courier signed by Cleric Millan Freemor of Lurue. It reads, "Great Adventurer! I uncovered something interesting... If you're up for another trip to the Dweomerkeep Temple, come visit me in Protector's Enclave."

Mission Details[edit | edit source]

Mission Name: A Weave in Time
Mission Version: 1.1 (live)
Last Updated on: 09-11-2013
Number of Maps: 2 + Protector's Enclave (1 Interior, 1 Exterior)
Mission Type: Lore, Story, Dungeon Crawl (Dialog Heavy)
Language: English

Latest Updates[edit | edit source]

Version Number: 1.1 (live)
Update Date: 09-11-2013

Update Notes:
- Removed notes about this act being a Beta Version. It is now Live!
- Moved one of the red leather books to a more notice-able location.
- A few minor unlisted cosmetic changes were also done.
- Made certain spiders not spawn until after a certain mob was killed, to prevent them from aggroing through a doorway, which made the door unusable while in combat aggro.

Known Issues:

Lore, Information, and Spoilers[edit | edit source]

Lore Links[edit | edit source]

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Information & Spoilers[edit | edit source]

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