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Foundry:A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood, Act I

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A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood, Act I[edit | edit source]

Part of the Dweomerkeepers Campaign by @zebular. Feedback thread is located here.

     Millan, a Cleric of Lurue in Protector's Enclave, is calling for adventurers to
investigate the rumors of an old Mystrallan building discovered a day's journey
into Neverwinter Wood.

Mission Details[edit | edit source]

Mission Name: A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood
Mission ID: NW-DIPI9V93T
Mission Version: 2.3 (live)
Last Updated on: 09-13-2013
Number of Maps: 2 + Protector's Enclave (1 Exterior, 1 Interior)
Mission Type: Campaign Mission Introduction, Lore, Story, Retrieve.
Amount of Combat: Low to Medium
Language: English

Latest Updates[edit | edit source]

Version Number: 2.2 (live)
Update Date: September 13th, 2013

Update Notes:
Update Notes for Version 2.2
• Added two additional Relics to Secure.
• Split up the Secure the Relics objectives into five individual objectives to allow them each to have dialog and item drops.
• The Scroll Case replaced as an objective and no longer drops a single scroll with a lore tooltip. This tooltip became truncated
   by the 100 character limit. This has instead been replaced by a "Bunch of Scrolls" as an objective.
• Each of the 5 relics now have proper descriptions to give substance.
• To save space, the 5 relics are now combine-able as part of an objective into one item shortly after acquiring them.
• The Sewers are now part of the Objectives.
• Most mobs have had their spawn Y axis adjusted to ensure they do not spawn below the ground or on the roof.
• The Amulet dropped by the Dead Half-Elf reworked a bit but remains part of an optional lore unlock. If players return with
   the amulet, it unlocks dialog with Millan explaining that they may have missed something optional.
Update Notes for Version 2.2
• A few typo fixes and item description fixes.
Known Issues:
• None.

Past Updates[edit | edit source]

Version Number: 2.01 (live)
Update Date: July 29th, 2013

Update Notes:
• Ambient and Situational Souds Return!.
• Corrected the Sorcerer's Soulmagic effects, one of them was incorrectly setup and wasn't appearing.
Known Issues:
• I just ran the mission on my mage. I don't know if this is a game bug, but when I got to the ending dialog with Millan and then to the finishing the dialog, the very last objective is supposed to be to go loot the reward chest next to Sergeant Knox. However, I could not get the objective to update here until I relogged then spoke with Millan again. I am leaning towards this being an isolated game-bug. So, if you cannot get the objective at the end to turn in and be directed to loot the reward chest, try going to character select screen and then log back in. Please report this as an actual Game Bug if it happens, for there is nothing wrong with the Mission's Objectives.

Version Number: 2.0 (live)
Update Date: July 28th, 2013

Update Notes:
• Corrected some grammar and several typos.
• Added more optional lore objects. As a result, bonus area boss mobs (named ones) have been adjusted.
• Bonus Mission: Additional optional lore items now trigger dialog with Millan properly to give them meaning for going into your inventory.
• Few decoration adjustments.
• Hopeful final fix for getting stuck on ladder.
( If you get stuck anywhere, please type /locvec and mail me the coordinates at @zebular )

Known Issues:

Version Number: 1.33 (live)
Update Date: May 8th, 2013

Update Notes:
• Almost all Mobs now are set to Wander.
• The large spiders by the Statue were lonely. They now have a little company.
• Bonus Mission: Temporary removal of the cause for "delayed reaction" with the mobs here.
• Removal of Harper Abort Crystals as they are no longer needed with the Mini-Map button.
• Replaced Abort Crystal with a lore item.

Known Issues:
Ladder Stuck Issues.

Version Number: 1.2 (live)
Update Date: May 7th, 2013

Update Notes:
• Added translation option to the drow scroll, by popular demand.
• Several aesthetic updates to the Bonus Sewer Mission area.
• Added an addition group of monsters in the Bonus Sewer Mission area.
• Submitted Mission for Featuring.

Known Issues:

Spotlight Missions[edit | edit source]

A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood
• Spotlight from June 3rd, 2013 to June 11th, 2013
• Short Code: NW-DO7AERD6G (Note: Old Version!)
Please note: The Spotlight Version (1.33) is an old version any may have bugs and is no longer update-able.
As a result, the spotlight version is no longer nestled into the Campaign.
For a current version of the mission, see the one above that is a part of the Dweomerkeepers Campaign (SC: NWS-DKPPXGRS7)

Lore, Information, and Spoilers[edit | edit source]

Lore Links[edit | edit source]

Links to Lore Referenced in this Mission will go here.

Information & Spoilers[edit | edit source]

Any Lore Referenced in this Mission that is Homebrew, as well as any possible Spoilers, will be referenced here.