Flake of Blacklead

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Flake of Blacklead
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: uncategorized
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Quality: Uncommon
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Sell value: Cannot sell
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Buy cost: 3x Event Winter Fishing Catch Marimo Sick.png[Sickly Marimo]
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Flake of Blacklead are currency and a profession reward from the Simril Lightcrafting Profession during the limited-time Winter Festival event. They can also be acquired in the Demons on Ice quest, and completing skirmishes, Demonic Heroic Encounters, Demogorgon, and Epic Demogorgon in the Underdark, during the Winter Festival. Finally, a [Crate of Blacklead] (containing Flake of Blacklead8) can be purchased from the Simril Store during the Winter Festival.

A [Demon Sled] can be bought with Flake of Blacklead200.


Flake of Blacklead
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

A resource required in the construction of a Demon Racing Sled, available during the Simril Festival.

Flakes of blacklead may be found by:
Participating in "Demons on Ice" in the Winter Festival
Fishing up sickly marimo in the Winter Festival
Completing Skirmishes in the Underdark
Completing Demogorgon or Epic Demogorgon
Completing Demonic Herois Encounters

A flake of blacklead, a metal common to the Underdark. Generally of low value, word has it that when alloyed it can be used to make exceptionally fast sleds.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell

Small Icon[edit | edit source]

The small inline version of the icon (Flake of Blacklead) can be used in other wiki pages via the syntax {{Flake of Blacklead}}.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Simril Lightcrafting[edit | edit source]

Level Req. Rarity Icon Name Requires / Consumes Opt. Asset Time Produces (Tier 1-3) Prof. XP Profession XP Prof. XP per Hour

Noicon.png Open Sickly Marimo Requires:Consumes: None 2m Tier 1:
2x [Flake of Blacklead]
Profession XPnone -