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Finderal Birchspear

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Finderal Birchspear
Faction: Elves of Iliyanbruen
Race: Iliyanbruen Moon Elf
Occupation: Camp Leader
Finderal Birchspear

Finderal Birchspear is an NPC in the Iliyanbruen camp in the Dark Fey Enclave. He is the first contact in the Dark Fey Enclave, introduced in the quest Unlock the Dark Fey Enclave and he grants some of the Dark Fey Enclave repeatable quests related to the Sharandar Campaign, specifically ones that involve bringing battle to the enemy.

Finderal Birchspear
The fomorions in the Dark Fey Enclave are elusive and dangerous. Do not venture into their realm without purpose.

Quests Given[edit | edit source]

One of the following three quests each day:

The following quest is offered when the three quests of the day from Finderal Birchspear, Gathir Trueshot, and Kehl Skywatcher are completed: