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Feywild Lockbox/Tooltip

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Feywild Lockbox

You must have an Enchanted Key to open this box.

This box contains:
Tarmalune Trade Bars

And one of the following:

Sylvan Stag Mount
Aranea Companion
Shimmering Elven Box Enchants & Runes
Sylvan Equipment Arsenal
Weaponsmith and Artificer Pack
Feywild Stongbox of Enchantments
Faerie Cache of Runestones
Illefarn Relic Fragment Campaign Item

The Feywild, also known as Faerie, is a plane that exists as an "echo" of the Prime Material Plane. It is a place of unusually potent magic and as you hold this box you can feel the ripples of magical energy running across its surface.

No Level Requirement