Feywild Lockbox

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Feywild Lockbox
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Container
Tag: Lockbox
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Icon Lockbox Feywild.png

Feywild Lockbox are the second type of lockbox, introduced August 22nd, 2013 and retired October 3rd, 2013. Lockboxes can only be opened with an Inventory Misc Lockbox Keys 01.png[Enchanted Key]. Lockboxes are picked-up automatically when your character approaches them.

They can contain:


Feywild Lockbox

You must have an Enchanted Key to open this box.

This box contains:
Tarmalune Trade Bars

And one of the following:

Sylvan Stag Mount
Aranea Companion
Shimmering Elven Box Enchants & Runes
Sylvan Equipment Arsenal
Weaponsmith and Artificer Pack
Feywild Stongbox of Enchantments
Faerie Cache of Runestones
Illefarn Relic Fragment Campaign Item

The Feywild, also known as Faerie, is a plane that exists as an "echo" of the Prime Material Plane. It is a place of unusually potent magic and as you hold this box you can feel the ripples of magical energy running across its surface.

No Level Requirement

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