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Farmer's Watering Can

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Farmer's Watering Can
Category: Equipment
Type: Ranged
Free Appearance Change
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup
Quality: Rare
Requires class: Control Wizard
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Item level: 3
24-29 Damage
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Sale value: Silver1 Copper6
Buy value: Fireblossom Petal1,700
Refinement point: Refinement Points3
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The Farmer's Watering Can can be purchased during the Summer Festival.

It is intended for transmutation.

Tooltip[edit source]

Farmer's Watering Can
Item Level: 3
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

24-29 Damage

This is a level 1 item intended to be used for transmutation. This weapon has a unique appearance similar to the weapons on the display racks.

Ranged, Orb, Implement, Free Appearance Change, Weapon
Requires Class: Control Wizard
No Level Requirement
Silver1 Copper6
Refinement Points3

Look[edit | edit source]

Farmer's Watering Can
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