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Fanning the Flame

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Fanning the Flame
Module: 16
Class: Wizard
Paragon Path: Thaumaturge
Unlocks: Unlocks at level 34
Power Points:
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Max Rank: {{{maxrank}}}
Race: [[]]
Power Type: Encounter Power
Stance: unknown
Alternative power: unknown
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Range: 80' range
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Cooldown: 21.2
Description: Set your enemy ablaze with a hard to extinguish burn.
Unlocks: Unlocks at rank {{{unlock}}}
Campaign: unknown
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Wizard Encounter Fanningtheflames.png

The Fanning the Flame is a Thaumaturge Encounter power and is unlocked at level 34.

Tooltip[edit source]

Fanning the Flame
Encounter (Paragon)
Range 80'


Set your enemy ablaze with a hard to extinguish burn.
Magnitude: 75
Duration: 6s
Added Effect: Smolder
Added Effect: While the target burns, enemies within 15' who are affected by Smolder take 25 magnitude damage and deal 25 magnitude damage to the burning target.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Confirmed with +3.5% Recharge Speed (Charisma 14 only).

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]