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Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood (questitem)

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Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Quest Starter
Binding: Icons Inventory Bound.png Bound (Character)
Quality: Quest
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Requires level: hidden
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Quest: Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood
Sell value: hidden
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Buy cost:
Icon Inventory Stronghold Explorers Chart Silver.png

The Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood is quest starter item. When used it will give the quest "Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood".


Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood
Icons Inventory Bound.png Bound (Character)

Double-click to accept quest

A chart delineating the location of untapped resources in Lonelywood. Used to locate:
Spruce Log
Spruce Resin
Red Alder Bark

Painstaking care has been taken by the explorer's guild surveyor in the cartography of this chart.

This will grant you the quest "Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood"

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood is contained in an Icon Inventory Explorers Chart Bag Silver.png[Explorer's Case: Lonelywood].