Explorer's Chart: Cold Run (questitem)

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Explorer's Chart: Cold Run
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Quest Starter
Binding: Icons Inventory Bound.png Bound (Character)
Quality: Quest
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Requires level: hidden
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Quest: Explorer's Chart: Cold Run
Sell value: hidden
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Icon Inventory Stronghold Explorers Chart Orange.png

The Explorer's Chart: Cold Run is quest starter item. When used it will give the quest "Explorer's Chart: Cold Run".


Explorer's Chart: Cold Run
Icons Inventory Bound.png Bound (Character)

Double-click to accept quest

A chart delineating the location of untapped resources in Cold Run. Used to locate:
Native Iron
Raw Rubellite
Effervescent Water

Painstaking care has been taken by the explorer's guild surveyor in the cartography of this chart.

This will grant you the quest "Explorer's Chart: Cold Run"

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Explorer's Chart: Cold Run is contained in an Icon Inventory Explorers Chart Bag Orange.png[Explorer's Case: Cold Run].