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Ebon Downs Treasure Cache

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Ebon Downs Treasure Cache
Category: Equipment Pack
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Quality: Uncommon
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Sale value: Cannot sell
Buy value: Deathknell Shard Sliver10
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Ebon Downs Treasure Cache is a treasure box which can be bought from a Bounty Master for 10 [Deathknell Shard Sliver]. It contains either a random unidentified Uncommon piece of equipment, or a unique piece of equipment from a boss in a Ebon Downs quest.

Possible items include:

Tooltip[edit source]

Ebon Downs Treasure Cache

A bounty pack that contains random equipment and a chance at unique equipment.

This pack contains one of the following:
1 Uncommon piece of unidentified Equipment.
1 Unique piece of Equipment from a boss in this area.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
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