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Dwarf Relic

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Dwarf Relic
Category: Currency
Type: Bounty Item
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Quality: Common
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Sale value: Cannot sell
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Dwarf Relic are bounty items that drop from enemies in Whispering Caverns.

You can trade them at the Whispering Caverns Bounty Master for:

Item Cost
Inventory Misc Bag1 Black.png Whispering Caverns Treasure Cache 10 Dwarf Relic
NW Currency Icon Seal Pegasus Icon.png Seal of the Pegasus 20 Dwarf Relic

Note: They cannot be sold but they can be discarded and mailed.

Tooltip[edit source]

Dwarf Relic

BOUNTY ITEM: This ancient artifact appears to be of dwarf design.
Could it have come from Gauntlgrym? Guild Researchers in the Whispering Caverns will exchange these relics for valuable items.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell

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