Dusk Boots Pack

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Dusk Boots Pack
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The Dusk Boots Pack is a pack that can be purchased together with a keyring of 20 [Enchanted Key]s from the Zen Market for 2,250Zen. It is also contained in the [Genie's Dusky Footwear Pack] (a random drop from the [New Life Lockbox]).

Tooltip[edit source]

Dusk Boots Pack

This box contains:
1 Dusk Boots* equipment

*You will receive one of two pairs of boots for the class that opens this box. Dusk Armor is for level 70 characters.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Cannot Discard

Depending on the player's class the Dusk Boots are:

[Dusk Raid Shoes]
[Dusk Assault Shoes]
[Dusk Raid Cuisses]
[Dusk Restoration Cuisses]
[Dusk Assault Greaves]
[Dusk Raid Greaves]
[Dusk Raid Sabatons]
[Dusk Ward Sabatons]
[Dusk Assault Gaiters]
[Dusk Raid Gaiters]
[Dusk Restoration Poleyns]
[Dusk Ward Poleyns]
[Dusk Assault Pigaches]
[Dusk Raid Pigaches]
[Dusk Assault Boots]
[Dusk Raid Boots]

The item is a single character purchase, and is Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds To Account on Pickup.