Drowned Shore

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Drowned Shore
Location Type: Adventure Zone
Levels: 61-63
Drowned Shore loading screen
Drowned Shore map

Drowned Shore[edit | edit source]

The Drowned Shore is a level 61 to 63 adventure zone introduced in Module 6: Elemental Evil. It is based on the Blackdagger Ruins zone and has been invaded by the Cult of the Crushing Wave. Drowned Shore is divided into three areas: Mines Area, Blackdagger Keep, and Raven Cliff Beach. In order to progress through the zone you must complete quests as part of the Elemental Evil Campaign. There are also many Heroic Encounters in Drowned Shore.

Characters above level 64 are scaled down to 64 while in the zone.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Drowned Shore
In the wake of the defeat of the Blackdagger Bandits trade along the High Road gradually resumed. Rangers of the Emerald Enclave took it upon themselves to guide merchants and travelers through the stretch of coastal forest that surrounds the Blackdagger Ruins, while a group of resourceful dwarves arrived to take up working the abandoned mines around the keep.

Meanwhile, Lord Neverember assigned a small contingent of Neverwinter Guards to garrison the lighthouses at Raven Cliff Beach with orders to prevent those beacons from falling in to the hands of pirates and wreckers as happened once before. The Guards were somewhat surprised to find an ornate tower built on the shore. They learned this tower was built by the followers of Lliira who called it the Fountain of Delights. Visitors were offered relaxing, scented baths. Seeing no harm in this, the guards went about their business.

When a freak tidal wave suddenly struck the shore wiping out the lighthouses and their guards while leaving the Fountain of Delights unscathed, it became apparent that the occupants of the tower were not harmless followers of the goddess of joy, but rather something altogether more sinister.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]


  • Supply Master
  • Trader


Quests[edit | edit source]

For a list of quests available in Drowned Shore see Elemental Evil Campaign

Heroic Encounters[edit | edit source]

Name Size
Aquatic Elf Abduction 5+ participants
Cornered by Crabs 15+ participants
Cultist Ambush 5+ participants
Fountain of Fear 10+ participants
Merchants in Distress 5+ participants
No Room at the Inn 5+ participants
Pillaging the Pillagers 10+ participants
Ranger Rescue 5+ participants
Subterranean Surge 10+ participants

Enemies[edit | edit source]




Scrying Stones[edit | edit source]

See Drowned Shore Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Mine: (-199,1259)
  • Blackdagger Keep: (645,2059)
  • The Fountain of Delights: (-736,462)