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Drowcraft Armor (Item Level 588 / 567)[edit | edit source]

Collection Content Foreground Underdark Drowcraftarmor.png

Completing this collection will give you an additional bonus of Collection Score 30.
Drowcraft armor is crafted by skilled drow artisans using closely-guarded, traditional techniques. A combination of darkoil and demonic ichor has made this set resistant to demonic magicks and the rapid degradation in sunlight inherent to faerzress-infused items.

A strong set of PvE equipment available at the launch of Module 8: Underdark. Features set bonuses that enhance resistance against demons and improves Underdark companion and mounts.

Purchase this equipment from the Armor Dealer in Mantol-Derith in exchange for [Demonic Ichor] (Demonic Ichor), earned from:

Demonic Heroic Encounters
Prophecy of Madness (Skirmish)
Throne of the Dwarven Gods (Skirmish)
Demogorgon [Master]

This armor may be upgraded via Elemental Infusion, speak to Urgus Battlehammer in Caer-Konig for more details.