Dragonforged Lockbox/Tooltip

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Dragonforged Lockbox

You must have an Enchanted Key to open this box.

This box contains:
Tarmalune Trade Bars

And either one of the following:

Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn Race Unlock
Gorgon Mount
Iron Golem Companion
Dragonforged Artifact Provisions Pack
Draconic Strongbox of Enchantments
Professions Special Pack
Jewelcrafting Special Pack
Companion Fortification Kit
Relic of the Dragon Empire Campaign Item
Tarmalune Trade Bar Jackpot

Or all of the following:

2 Silvery Dragon Scales
Draconic Enchantment, Rank 4

Masterfully wrought in dragon fire at the height of the Dragon Empire's reign, this box was recently excavated by the Zhentarim. What relics of bygone eras lie within?

No Level Requirement