Divine Call

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Divine Call

Activating Divine Call consumes a charge of Divine Energy and generates an effect based upon your Oath.

None: Taunt all foes within 30' and Heal all allies within 30'.

Protection: You Taunt all foes in a 30' area and gain 10% increased Damage Resistance for 10 seconds. You reflect 5% of incoming damage back to the attackers while this effect is active. (Max 5% of your Maximum Hit Points).

Devotion: You unleash a burst of Healing in a 30' area. Subsequent casts of this within 10 seconds Heal for 50% more.

Divine Energy is built by using powers in combat and rapidly refills while out of combat.
Paladin Tab DivineCall.png

Divine Call is an Oathbound Paladin Mechanic that unlock tab slot.