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Demogorgon's Fang

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Crafting Resource Underdark Demogorgon 01.png
Demogorgon's Fang
Category: Profession Resource
Type: Black Ice Shaping
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Quality: Epic
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Sale value: Silver5
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Crafting Resource Underdark Demogorgon 01.png

The Demogorgon's Fang is one of the six items in the Underdark Curiosities Collection.

This item is a resource used in certain Black Ice Shaping profession tasks.

Tooltip[edit source]

Demogorgon's Fang
A resource used in Black Ice Shaping tasks. Can be found in Demonic Chests in Demogorgon and Epic Demogorgon.

Perhaps due to the high concentrations of faerzress in this fang, it has inexplicably not turned to ichor.

Black Ice Shaping
No Level Requirement

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

This item can be acquired in Demogorgon and Epic Demogorgon.