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Record pretty much anything in-game.[edit | edit source]

Start game then type /demo_record twostepdance. twostepdance = any name you wish to call this video.

You could call it twostepdance,DungeonFight2, etc.

2. type /demo_record_stop once you have finished. You can also record several things before looking at your video/next step.

Everything in one long video makes it hard to see a part that is deep in a LONG video. Long videos can eat your hard drive space as well. You will find yourself running the program with long waits of doing nothing as you look to see what to type next or eat more pizza. To best prepare have everything your want to try ready like several emotes in one video. Type each emote quickly after the last one has made all the moves you wish to record. Keep in mind long dungeon videos take up hard disk space. Be ready to stop and restart rather than keeping it running. I have not found a pause yet. When you restart be sure to use a new name else you write over the first part of a dungeon video. /demo_record Dungen1 /demo_record Dungeon2 etc.

Example of wasting hard drive room and making it hard to find the next emote:

/emote twostepdance wait 20 mins chasing cat off the keyboard and then /emote zombiedance.

Make two videos rather than the one long one.

/demo_record twostepdance /demo_record_stop /demo_record Zombiedance /demo_record_stop

3. End game after you stop your final Video. Re-open the launcher, but before entering your password click 'OPTIONS'; in the top-right hand corner.. In the "Advanced command line" field, type the following, where twostepdance is the name you've given to your demo record file:

-demo_play twostepdance.demo

The game will come up playing your video.

You can do more than watch the video you made.[edit | edit source]

1. Press F2 to have free roam.

Press F2 again to return the camera to your character.

Roam around with WASD. QZ works as well, remember F2 if you can not locate your character after. You can also use your rt mouse click to move the camera around.

Click rt and left mouse button at the same time and you fly anywhere in the world and I mean that literally.

WAIT, DO NOT PANIC! I can not REPEAT ENOUGH,Press F2 again to return to your character from where ever you ended up when pressing both mouse buttons at once.

2. Hit ~ (tilde) to bring up the console.

Type screenshot to take a screenshot.

These will show up in your "screenshots" folder.

Hit ~ (tilde) to exit the console.

If your video is too large or you need to split it up, You can use a program like 'Windows Live Movie Maker' to turn your screen shots into a video.

Be sure and save your best shots for this wiki. They love new shots.

Notice at the top of the page, left hand side there is a button to restart your video at the beginning/play button/pause button/button to slow playback/button to speed play back

The X at the right top side is to exit.

you can get into the demo player without depending on the launcher In the dos commandline, type gameclient -demoplay <demofilename>

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