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Delaying Ascension

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Delaying Ascension
Level: 65
Preceded by: Toad Bait, Taking Measures
Followed by: Stolen Mementos, Landshark
Given by: Captain Dunfield
Starts in: Reclamation Rock
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Reclamation Rock
Turn in to: Captain Dunfield
1Gold 66Silver 96Copper
1Promises of Power
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Delaying Ascension is a quest in the Elemental Evil Campaign.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Recover Evidence of cult activity in the Crypt of Ascension.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Captain Dunfield
While your work against the cult has pushed them back, we're still no closer to discovering the location of this Earth Node.

My scouts report that the cult is still trying to dig tunnels in the nearby crypts. The difference this time is they were carrying orders on them.

Captain Lynn and I believe these orders could help lead us to the Earth Node. I think the cult must be trying to connect the crypts to the Earth Node.

We uncovered another entrance to the crypts nearby. Use it and recover any evidence you can find.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Recover Evidence from the Crypt of Ascension
    • Go to Crypt of Ascension
    • Recover Evidence (4)
  • Return to Captain Dunfield

Completion[edit | edit source]

Captain Dunfield
Excellent work. We'll get started on translating these scrolls.

Brother Theodosian and Captain Lynn have some important tasks that they could use your help with, in the meantime. I'll let you know when we've discovered the Earth Node's location.