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The gods of Faerun are numerous and represent many aspects of daily life in the Realms. A full listing of all the gods that have ever been worshiped in Faerun is impractical, but those who are commonly (though not always openly) worshiped today include:

Amauntor, the Keeper of the Yellow Sun; Asmodeus, Supreme Master of the Nine Hells; Bane, the Black Lord; Chauntea, the Great Mother; Corellon, First of the Seldarine; Cyric, Prince of Lies; Ghaunadaur, That Which Lurks; Gruumsh, the One-Eyed God; Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead; Lolth, Queen of the Demonweb Pits; Moradin, the Soul Forger; Oghma, the Binder of What is Known; Selune, The Moonmaiden; Shar, Mistress of the Night; Silvanus, the Forest Father; Sune, the Lady of Love; Tempus, the Foehammer; and Torm, the Loyal Fury.

Deities are the beings of higher power worshiped in the lands of Faerûn. Each Character chooses his or her Deity during the character creation as a purely aesthetic feature: the deity grants a Title to his or her servant as shown in the following table. Deities can be Invoked once per hour by 11th or more level characters as taught by Aralynn the Pious and they grant various bonus and items, including experience points and astral diamonds.

Symbol Deity Title Alignment Description (from Deity Affiliation options in character creation)
Icons Charactercreation Deity Amaunator.png Amaunator Amaunatoran Lawful Good Amaunator is the god of the sun and time. His church teaches that he has died and been reborn time and again, like the turning of a great clock. He is revered by farmers, merchants, and nomads who follow the seasons and the turning of the celestial clock, as well as paladins who battle undead.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Chauntea.png Chauntea Chauntean Lawful Good Chauntea is the mother of Toril, and she oversees the interaction of sentient mortals with the natural world. She draws worshipers from all who depend on the land for their livelihood, including farmers and villagers (who live close to the land) and druids (who tend the wild reaches). Chauntea is a kindly goddess who nurtures and feeds the world.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Corellon.png Corellon Corellite Good Corellon is a skilled warrior and the father of the elven races, who were born of the blood he shed in his epic battles with Gruumsh. Corellon is worshiped by the elven races and half-elves, as well as those who work magic. He is a benevolent protector of his followers and focused on long-range goals.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Kelemvor.png Kelemvor Kelemvorite Unaligned Kelemvor presides over the passage from life to death, judging the faithless and the false and apportioning souls to their proper fate in the afterlife. His followers are drawn from those who find comfort in the natural transition from life to death and those who battle undead and the practitioners of necromancy, wherever they might be found. Kelemvor's absolute fairness, firm hand, and steady grace bring comfort to those who lose a loved one.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Moradin.png Moradin Moradinian Lawful Good The All-Father forged the dwarf race from gems and precious metals and imbued the dwarves with souls with the strike of his mighty hammer. Moradin is revered by dwarves, blacksmiths, and those who work with gems or metals. The Soul Forger is stern, stubborn, and uncompromising, but tireless and brave in the defense of his creations.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Oghma.png Oghma Oghmanyte Unaligned Oghma is the lord of knowledge and thought, both the spoken and the written word. The Binder is served by all who seek knowledge, including bards, lorekeepers, sages, scribes, and wizards. Oghma thrives on new ideas, regardless of their consequences, and the communication of knowledge in all its forms.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Selune.png Selûne Selûnite Good The goddess of the moon governs the ebb and flow of tides and comforts the world with her silvery glow in the black of night. She constantly battles the darkness of her sister Shar. The ranks of Selûne's faithful include mariners, travelers, and those who seek comfort in the night. Selûne is kind, caring, and ageless, ever waxing and waning in power.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Silvanus.png Silvanus Silvanite Unaligned The Forest Father (or Tree-father) is the lord of nature in all its wild splendor. He is worshiped by druids, rangers, hermits, and others who dwell in the wilderness, Silvanus is wild and unpredictable, given to tender acts of mercy and wild bouts of savagery.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Sune.png Sune Sunite Good Sune is the mistress of beauty and tender emotions. She is revered by artists, lovers, and gallants drawn from the ranks of humans, elves, and half-elves. Despite her flirtatious, loving nature, the Lady of Love holds herself aloof, pledging her heart only to her faithful.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Tempus.png Tempus Tempuran Unaligned Tempus is the god of battle and patron of martial prowess. He is revered by all warriors, from the lowliest soldier to the mightiest warlord. The fearless Lord of Battle views war as a force of nature that shapes and reshapes civilization.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Torm.png Torm Tormite Lawful Good The Loyal Fury is the god of law, dutifully upholding the strictures of civilization. Torm is served by paladins and other holy champions. Ever steadfast and true, he is consumed by his sense duty.
Icons Charactercreation Deity Tymora.png Tymora Tymoran Good Known as Lady Luck, Tymora is the goddess of good fortune. Those who seek good luck or want to express thanks for having received it pay homage to this Tymora.

Other Deities[edit | edit source]

There are many other deities than those available for selection at Character Creation. None of the evil deities can be chosen, but there are also numerous good or unaligned deities that aren't selectable. Some of these deities play a role in the game's stories. Their influence is revealed in quest dialogue or lore entries.

  • Asmodeus is an evil greater deity. He commands the many Ashmadai devils in the game.
  • Cyric is a chaotic evil greater deity. He is involved in the Devoted Cleric class quests.
  • Ghaunadaur is a chaotic evil greater deity. His followers are involved in the Blacklake Terror skirmish.
  • Gruumsh is a chaotic evil greater deity. He is worshiped by many of Neverwinter's orc enemies, and influences their activities in the Tower District.
  • Lliira is a good exarch. The Celebration of Lliira event celebrates her.
  • Lolth is a chaotic evil greater deity. She is worshiped by many of Neverwinter's drow enemies, and influences their activities in Rothé Valley and the Whispering Caverns.
  • Lurue is a good exarch. A mask in her image is available from the Masquerade of Liars event.
  • Mask is an evil deity. He is mentioned in the Masquerade of Liars event.
  • Obould is a chaotic evil exarch. He is mentioned in the half-orc race quests.
  • The Red Knight is a lawful good exarch. She is mentioned in a lore text found in Neverdeath Graveyard.
  • Shar is an evil greater deity. She is worshiped by many of Neverwinter's Shadar-kai enemies.
  • Sharess is a good exarch. A mask in her image is available from the Masquerade of Liars event.
  • Uthgar is an unaligned exarch. He is worshiped in Vellosk.
  • Waukeen is an unaligned deity. The Coins of Waukeen event celebrates her, and she is the namesake of the "Blessing of Waukeen" buff obtained from some religion altars.
  • Quorlinn is a deity worshipped by the kenku, a humanoid bird race.