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Death Forge

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Loadingscreen Az Dr Death Forge.png

The Death Forge is a Dread Ring Campaign lair.

To enter, a character needs either the "The Chamber of Horrors" repeatable quest, or a [Thayan Lair Key].

Completing the lair awards a [Death Forge Treasure Trove] and the chance to open an Arcane Coffer. If a [Thayan Lair Key] is being used you won't receive the Thayan Cipher and Thayan scrolls.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

  1. 4 Rotters (Zombie)
  2. 4 Rotters
  3. 4 Rotters
  4. Jawbone's Assistant (Red Wizard of Thay) + 2 Servitors (Thayan) + Rotter
  5. 4 Rotters
  6. Hulk (Zombie)
  7. 4 Rotters
  8. Wilfred (Dread Warrior) + 2 Zombies (Neverwinter Guard)
  9. Dread Protector (Dread Warrior) + 2 Rotters
  10. Optional: 4 Rotters
  11. Dread Protector (Dread Warrior) + 2 Rotters
  12. 2 Dread Protectors (Dread Warrior) + Rotter
  13. BOSS: Jawbone (Half-Orc) + 2 Rotters + added Rotters