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Darkmagic's Bag of Mysterious Leftovers/Tooltip

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Darkmagic's Bag of Mysterious Leftovers
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

When the last intern cleaned out Acquisitions Incorporated Headquarters, they shoved many loose items into bags. Unwilling to take the time to sort them, Darkmagic thas deemed to sell them all without discretion.

This bag has 5 of these items:
[Gray Bag of Tricks]
[Rust Bag of Tricks]
[Bead of Force]
[Dust of Sneezing and Choking]
[Air Elemental Gem]
[Earth Elemental Gem]
[Fire Elemental Gem]
[Water Elemental Gem]
[Faulty Iron Flas]
[Oil of Slipperiness]
[Oil of Sharpness]
[Wand of Binding]
[Wand of Fear]
[Wand of Fireballs]
[Wand of Lightning Bolts]
[Wand of Magic Missiles]
[Wand of Polymorph]
[Wand of Paralysis]
[Fractured Luckstone]
[Minor Potion of Heroism]
[Potion of Giant Strength]
[Potion of Invisibility]
[Minor Potion of Ivisibility]
[Potion of Resistance]
Potion of Speed]

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell