Dark Enchantment, Rank 12

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Dark Enchantment, Rank 12
Module: 16
Category: Enchantment
Tag: Enchantment
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Quality: Epic
Sell value: Silver80
Refinement point: Refinement Points50,000
Buy cost:
Icon Inventory Enchantment DarkEmblem T12 01.png

The Dark Enchantment, Rank 12 can be used as an offense, defense or utility enchantment.

Low-rank 1-5 Dark enchantments can be purchased within the Sage's Shop from Bradda the Sage. Can also be looted from enemies, or found in skill nodes, treasure chests.


Dark Enchantment, Rank 12
Item Level: 84

When applied to an item:

Offense Slot: +1,680 Armor Penetration
Defense Slot: +1,680 Critical Avoidance
Utility Slot: +4.2% Companion Influence

This enchantment has a dark aura around it.

Rank: 12 (0/55,000 to next rank)
Guaranteed upgrade: 0/50

No Level Requirement
Refinement Points50,000